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3 2 73-77 Comparative outcomes between palliative ileostomy and colostomy in patients with malignant large bowel obstruction Original Research Articles Yasuo Nagashima
3 2 69-72 Dietary trends in patients with fecal incontinence compared with the National Health and Nutrition Survey
Original Research Articles Kaoru Nakano
3 2 60-68 Genetic Counseling and Surveillance Focused on Lynch Syndrome Review Article Jin Yong Kim
3 2 53-59 Is fixed short-course antimicrobial therapy justified for patients who are critically ill with intra-abdominal infections?
Review Article Yoshio Takesue
3 1 49-52 Laparoscopic surgery for idiopathic adult intussusception successfully reduced by colonoscopy How I do it Mitsunobu Imasato
3 1 43-48 Preoperative chemoradiotherapy using S-1 combined with celecoxib for advanced lower rectal cancer: Phase I/II study Original Research Articles Gaku Ohira
3 1 36-42 Laparoscopic surgery for colovesical fistula associated with sigmoid colon diverticulitis: a review of 39 cases
Original Research Articles Kenji Tomizawa
3 1 27-35 Short-term outcomes of robotic-assisted laparoscopic rectal surgery: A pilot study during the introductory period at a local municipal hospital Original Research Articles Toshisada Aiba
3 1 18-26 Cross-national analysis about the difference of histopathological management in Tis and T1 colorectal cancer between Japan and Korea
Original Research Articles Naohisa Yoshida
3 1 10-17 Lewy body constipation
(レヴィー小体型便秘 (Lewy Body Constipation,LBC))
Review Article Ryuji Sakakibara
2 Suppl S1-S51 Japanese Society for Cancer of the Colon and Rectum (JSCCR) Guidelines 2016 for the Clinical Practice of Hereditary Colorectal Cancer (Translated Version) Practice Guidelines Hideyuki Ishida
2 4 168-175 Long-term outcomes of neoadjuvant-synchronous S-1 plus radiotherapy for locally advanced rectal cancer: a multi-institutional prospective phase II study
Clinical Research Takahiro Hiratsuka
2 4 162-167 Rectoanal intussusception is very common in patients with fecal incontinence Original Research Articles Yuma Yagi
2 4 155-161 Colonoscopy in Patients Aged 85 Years or Older: An Observational Study
Original Research Articles Noriyuki Isohata
2 4 145-154 Anorectal cancer surveillance in Crohn's disease
Original Research Articles Yukiko Hirano
2 4 130-138 Analysis of Deep Posterior Anal Fistulas by Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Site of Primary Abscess and Extension Patterns According to the Primary Abscess Depth
Original Research Articles Yoshiro Araki
2 4 122-129 A series of seton techniques involving ''top-down therapy'' for patients with Crohn's disease who initially presented with perianal fistulas
(クローン病合併痔瘻に対する''top down療法''下の一連のseton法の工夫)
Original Research Articles Naoto Saigusa
2 4 115-121 Evolution of surgery for rectal cancer: Transanal total mesorectal excision~new standard or fad?~ Review Article Hirotoshi Hasegawa
2 3 97-102 Short-term outcomes of endoscopic submucosal dissection versus laparoscopic surgery for colorectal neoplasms: An observational study
Original Research Articles Takashi Inoue
2 3 90-96 Histopathological characteristics of lateral lymph nodes dictate local or distant metastasis and prognosis in low rectal cancer patients Original Research Articles Takeshi Suto