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2 3 83-89 Evaluation of the feasibility of an ''enhanced recovery after surgery'' protocol for older patients undergoing colon cancer surgery Original Research Articles Yujiro Fujie
2 3 77-82 Anticipation of umbistoma in laparoscopic anterior rectal resection: Ileostomy and ostomy closure
Original Research Articles Masahiro Hada
2 3 71-76 Ureteral Injury During Colorectal Surgery: Two Case Reports and a Literature Review Review Article Shlomo Yellinek
2 3 110-114 A Rare Complication After Laparoscopic Lateral Lymph Node Dissection for Rectal Cancer: Two Case Reports of Internal Hernia Below the Superior Vesical Artery
Case Report Daichi Kitaguchi
2 3 103-109 Japanese Practice Guidelines for Anal Disorders II. Anal fistula Practice Guidelines Tetsuo Yamana
2 2 66-69 Successful repair of a rectovaginal fistula caused by a tension-free vaginal mesh (TVM): a case report
(Tension-free vaginal mesh(TVM)による直腸膣瘻の外科治療に成功した1例)
Case Report Yoshikazu Koide
2 2 59-65 Prediction of Negative Outcomes in Non-Surgical Treatment for Appendiceal Abscess in Adults
(膿瘍形成性虫垂炎に対するnon-surgical treatmentの治療非奏功予測因子)
Original Research Articles Yoshihiko Sadakari
2 2 37-46 Fusobacterium nucleatum Infection in Colorectal Cancer: Linking Inflammation,DNA Mismatch Repair and Genetic and Epigenetic Alterations
(大腸および直腸がんにおけるFusobacterium nucleatumの感染:炎症、DNAミスマッチ修復,そして、ジェネティックあるいはエピジェネティックな変異との接点)
Review Article Minoru Koi
2 1 31-35 Anal Canal Duplication Associated with Presacral Cyst in an Adult Case Report Takayuki Toyonaga
2 1 25-30 Incidence and risk factor of outlet obstruction after construction of ileostomy
(回腸瘻造設後outlet obstruction発生に関する危険因子の検討)
Original Research Articles Gaku Ohira
2 1 16-24 Outcomes of stage IV patients with colorectal cancer treated in a single institution: What is the key to the long-term survival?
(当科におけるStage IV大腸癌の治療成績)
Original Research Articles Toshiki Mukai
2 1 9-15 The Use of Oral Herbal Medicine (Hange-Shashin-To) in Patients with Pouchitis: A Pilot Study Original Research Articles Hiroki Matsuoka
2 1 1-8 Absorptive anti-adhesion barrier for the prevention of bowel obstruction after laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery Original Research Articles Shoichi Fujii
1 4 141-146 Laparoscopic ventral rectopexy with sacrocolpopexy for coexisting pelvic organ prolapse and external rectal prolapse
Clinical Research Yoshiyuki Kiyasu
1 4 131-135 Risk factors for bleeding in patients receiving fondaparinux after colorectal cancer surgery
Original Research Articles Jongsung Pak
1 4 125-130 Short- and long-term outcomes following laparoscopic palliative resection for patients with incurable,asymptomatic stage IV colorectal cancer: A multicenter study in Japan
Original Research Articles Tomonori Akagi
1 4 118-124 Prognostic Nutritional Index Predicts Treatment Outcomes following Palliative Surgery for Colorectal Adenocarcinoma Original Research Articles Manabu Shimomura
1 4 106-111 Association between serum tumor necrosis factor-alpha level and the efficacy of infliximab for refractory pouchitis after restorative proctocolectomy in patients with ulcerative colitis
Original Research Articles Motoi Uchino
1 3 89-99 Japanese Practice Guidelines for Anal Disorders I. Hemorrhoids Practice Guidelines Tetsuo Yamana
1 3 84-88 Laparoscopic versus Open stoma creation: A retrospective analysis Original Research Articles Kengo Hayashi